Curriculum Philosophy for Bothell Daycare and Preschool


The curriculum at Bothell Daycare and Preschool Christian based. We have chapel time with Bible stories, songs and Scripture memory verses. Our teachers bring these stories “alive” with their enthusiasm and fun songs and sometimes having the children act out the stories. We are learning to treat others as we would like to be treated, with love and respect.

We plan activities and experiences that give opportunity for growth and development in the areas of:

S   Spiritual

P   Physical

I    Intellectual

C   Creative

E   Emotional and

S   Social development

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Our environment is set up to allow for freedom of movement and choice of activities within the curriculum areas. For example; creativity in the art area and with play dough and paint; fine motor skills and cognitive development at the manipulatives tables; social and emotional development in the dramatic play area; along with social and emotional development, creativity and math in the block area, and exploration and observation in the science area.

In addition, we provide for intellectual development in our teacher directed circle times where phonics and literacy and math concept activities are presented.

We also provide for Gross Motor development in directed gym time as well as outdoor free play in our outdoor classroom.
Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and in their individual learning style.


Our goal for Preschoolers is to prepare them for success in school when they leave us to go on to kindergarten and beyond. Children will understand names and sounds of alphabet letters, putting some letters together to build words. Basic number and math concepts such as simple adding, subtracting and patterning will also be experienced.

In addition to the academic focus, we have a wonderful social/emotional curriculum called Second Step, which is also used by the Northshore School District. It includes:

  • Skills for learning
  • Empathy
  • Emotion Management
  • Friendship Skills and Problem Solving


Our goal is to allow toddlers to build a variety of skills as they engage in age-appropriate play in our multisensory learning centers. Each child’s interactions with teachers and peers helps gain and improve social skills.

The environment offers opportunities to explore and build skills in Fine Motor and Gross Motor abilities. Sensory and science experiences enhance Cognitive skills. Art allows for Creativity and Cause and Effect Awareness while Puzzles and self-correcting toys encourage Problem Solving skills. Teachers read books to them and we have an inviting library area where they can choose and explore books which build literacy skills. Dramatic play areas and props enhance Imagination play and social interactions.

Other self-help goals for Toddlers at BDC are

  • Self-feeding and using utensils
  • Putting on coats and shoes
  • Putting away personal belongings in his or her own cubby
  • Toilet training when they are ready.